Oklahoma City Metro

Leading Ready Mix Concrete Supplier for the Oklahoma City Metro

Kudron Ready Mix is the premier ready mix concrete supplier for the Oklahoma City Metro. From small residential jobs to large commercial and industrial endeavors, we are dedicated to making your next project a success.

Why Choose Kudron Ready Mix as Your Concrete Supplier?

At Kudron Ready Mix, we define success as exceeding our customers’ expectations – and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, for more than 10 years. Our diligent team applies a solid work ethic and sound commitment to our customers to ensure our products meet your needs. We offer leading industry expertise to overcome project challenges and meet project deadlines. This combination of knowledge and customer-centric services has established Kudron Ready Mix as a leader in our field.

As your trusted partner in ready mix supply, we are here to answer any questions and provide the most personal customer service on the market. We work with you to provide custom mixes for specialty projects and deliver the impeccable results you desire. From patios, to driveways, to sidewalks, to expressways, Kudron Ready Mix is your expert concrete supplier in the Oklahoma City Metro.

Kudron Ready Mix Products & Services

With 3 plants, 22 mixer trucks, 9 haul trucks and over 40 employees, Kudron Ready Mix offers a full line of expert concrete services. Contact us for:

  • Custom consultation: Do you need to develop your own mix design for a specialty project? No problem. Our expert staff will help you explore options and choose the best solution to meet your needs, while reducing costs and increasing long-term results.
  • Concrete solutions: Kudron Ready Mix concrete is a strong, affordable solution for a wide range of construction applications. We can deliver it in a form that meets your unique specifications. Concrete solutions include sidewalks, footings, slabs, parking lots, curbing, stem walls, tilt up panel, pool decks, paving and more.
  • Ready mix: We offer a wide variety of mix designs for concrete with compressive strengths from Flowable Fill (50 psi) to 5000 psi. Our specialty products include Shot Crete for pools and accelerated concrete for highway paving.
  • Aggregates: The type of aggregate used significantly impacts the durability, strength, weight, shrinkage, and appearance of the concrete. Kudron Ready Mix helps you select the best aggregate for your project, including concrete sand, masonry sand, screened fill sand, unscreened fill sand and gravel.
  • Products: What’s your next project? Kudron Ready Mix offers top products to complete your task on time and on budget. Our products include concrete ready mix, concrete blocks and concrete pumping.

Locally Owned and Operated Near the Oklahoma City Metro

Kudron Ready Mix is proud to be the go-to concrete supplier for the largest metropolitan area in the state of Oklahoma. Home and business owners have relied on us as their trusted concrete supplier in the Oklahoma City Metro for more than a decade.

A dynamic region of more one million people, the Oklahoma City Metro offers much to residents and visitors alike. With incredible appeal, this seven-county region is our favorite place to work. The team at Kudron Ready Mix enjoys bringing our industry expertise and customer-driven services to meet all the concrete supply needs of the Oklahoma City Metro. We look forward to continued partnerships in this region for decades to come.

Contact Kudron Ready Mix for Your Next Project

Are you ready to bring your next venture to life? From large jobs to small tasks, Kudron Ready Mix provides an incomparable customer experience and high-quality product for your next concrete project. Contact our team to partner with full-service professionals who ensure your undertaking is a success. Reach us at 405-373-4999 to get started on your next job today.